Women In Construction

Last week we celebrated both Women In Construction Week and International Women’s Day. This had us reflecting on the group of gals we are so lucky to have in our office! Historically, the construction industry has been dominated by males, making it very hard for women to push through and further their careers. While this still may be the case in general, the movement of women in the industry is strong and growing fast. We saw this growth highlighted on social media this week in an amazing way.

Us women in the Pravo office love working for this company, and in this industry. Abby, our Project Coordinator says, “In a historically male-dominated industry, Pravo actively works to open the doors to women seeking to make a career within construction. Whether that be through taking a leap of faith on hiring or promoting someone, the constant trainings they provide to us, or the never-ceasing encouragement and tools we receive from our Principals to excel within this field as women. Pravo has created an arena in which the women of this company can continue to grow and highlight our capabilities within the construction industry. While being a woman in the construction industry certainly is no cake walk, it has also made each of us more strong, capable, and committed within our careers. I wouldn’t want to be in any other industry. “

Since last year we went from two women employees to seven! The increase in women has added to our culture, our brand, and our overall growth. We know this is only the beginning of what we can do to foster females at Pravo and in the construction industry as a whole.