Superintendent Lunches

About 2 months ago, one of our Superintendent, Johnny, had the idea of holding a bi-weekly lunch for the team to connect, improve relationships as more people were hired on, keep up to date on city inspections, and share insight on lead times/ issues that arise across projects. This opportunity has turned into something everyone really looks forward to. Since we’ve grown quite a bit, our Superintendents don’t get to see each other too often as they are on different projects. This makes their time together really valuable and collaborative when working through similar tasks on different spaces.

Mark, one of our Assistant Superintendents, says, “We focus on high ROI issues and have valuable open discussions. Utilizing our field personnel’s diverse cross-functional experience from differing projects and backgrounds.” While those of us working in the offices can collaborate and meet with each other all day, we realize that’s not realistic for this team. Lunch meeting times have become essential for understanding the new company changes, keeping on track with goals, and maintaining consistency in our services. Mark also let us know that “Apart from deciding on key issues, it is also through these meetings that business strategies are crafted to realize organizational goals and aspirations effectively. Like the implementation of our new software, safety, inspections and communication programs with clients & trade partners.”

This is only the beginning of taking our Superintendent team to the next level, and we are excited to see how this meeting grows and manifests in the future.