Pravo University

As we have thought about ways to innovate as a company, continuous education and investment in our own employees has been increasingly important. We have looked to other successful companies for examples, finding that teams at Google, Amazon, Coldwell Banker, and many others host continuous and effective training programs that focus on more than the day to day work. More importantly, they focus on the most effective practices for teamwork and client perspective.

Pravo hires based on work ethic, cultural fit with the company, and overall experience/general skills rather than strict construction experience and words on a resume. While we feel this gives us a great environment and diverse team, we wanted a platform to educate on a deeper level, centered around the details of the construction industry and personal development.

Our first Pravo University session was held on the third Sunday in January, focusing on personal development. This was a great first session because it allowed us to get to know each other based on our broader life goals as opposed to our everyday work tasks. This also helped each person individually as they needed it.

Going forward we have planned modules for Monday evenings once a month, as we’ve found that adding on to our Monday schedules is much easier than taking out time on Sunday’s. This week we’re discussing “Module 2 – Austin’s CRE market and how we create win-win scenarios with our clients, partners, and subs” so that each of our employees has a granular understanding of our market and the project lifecycle as it plays out in Austin.

In the future, we’re looking to have guest teachers, more workshop-style classes, and interactive learning sessions. Pravo University will build a base for our current and future employees to grow both personally and professionally, and we cannot wait to continue evolving this platform to meet our needs, growth, and expectations.