Our Safety Standards

This year, we implemented a more aggressive safety standard by bringing in a Safety Advisor from a third party – Risk Control Services. They conduct monthly site safety audits and we also now hold a quarterly safety training. We have also revamped our site safety orientation for all of our subcontractors.

Safety is incredibly important in every industry, but especially construction. We find ourselves in the list of top 5 most dangerous industries, which is something we feel passionate about changing. This year we brought in a third party Safety Advisor from Risk Control Services to conduct monthly site audits. We have also incorporated a quarterly safety training and an improved site safety orientation for all of our subcontractors.

Travis, a Superintendent on our team, has made it clear in our leadership meetings that his goal is to have the safest sites and zero accidents. As we push to bigger and more complex projects, it’s essential that we have our safety procedures on the highest level. We are more confident than ever in our safety processes and are proud to be advancing the industry standard in any way that we can.