Our Most Recent Promotions

Pravo is committed to helping our employees grow, both in their personal and professional lives. So it’s no surprise that we have many people on our team stepping into bigger roles as a result of their efforts and culture we provide.

Dani started as a Project Coordinator and quickly reached tasks far above that title.

“Dani’s passion for marketing, desire to build Pravo’s brand in the Austin market and ability to cultivate a dynamic company culture has earned her a natural promotion to Marketing and Culture Manager. We’re excited about the amazing marketing and RFP material we’ve been putting out lately and very much appreciate her ability to bring our entire team together!”
– Dan Bettencourt, Principal

Abby also started at Pravo as a Project Coordinator, she became responsible for implementing new processes, managing another Project Coordinator and hiring/on-boarding new positions.

“As a result of Abigail’s proactive approach to moving Pravo forward, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of our company operations and all facets of our industry. She has actively moved the company forward by developing process, managing contract, client relations, human resources, accounting, quality control, safety, culture, technology implementation to name a few. We are excited to have Abigail move into the Operations Manager role and work closely with the Principals.”
– Drew Hanish, Principal

Jerry was recently hired as an Accounting Clerk to help our Controller, Melanie. He has since become an essential part of our team and has allowed Pravo to expand even greater.

“After a quick 3 months, Jerry was recently promoted to Accounting Assistant. He’s had a positive impact on our Accounts Payable processing and consistently works to expand his role within the department, playing a large part in helping things run smoothly from an accounting perspective.”
– Daniel Bettencourt, Principal

We look forward to growing even more of our employees into new positions, and adding to the Pravo family!