Our Company BBQ

Here at Pravo, company culture is very important. It gives us a healthy environment to collaborate, providing our clients with the best possible solutions and service. One of the many ways we foster that positive culture is hosting internal events.

We’ve done other larger scale events like boating in the summer (super fun!) but, there is something to be said for a simple barbeque. Held right after our Company Meeting on Thursday, everyone was excited to stay for some grilling, drinks, and casual chat that we don’t usually get to have during the work week. The back patio of our second office space serves as the perfect venue for Happy Hours and BBQ’s, we cannot wait to use it even more as the weather gets warmer.

Our team is like a family, so when we get together there are jokes, life check-ins, and of course some dancing ( * cue the Wobble ). We’re all so busy, it’s beautiful to have this cherished time every once in a while. We’ve also done a Happy Hour of this nature with other companies in the the industry and have loved the result, building positive and genuine relationships. Can’t wait for the next one!