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Pravo is a true client-based General Contractor that takes time and care with all our relationships. We believe in a team approach so whether we’re working with a client, vendor or city inspector, we always look for ways to add value, collaborate and contribute positively.



To deliver the best possible service while strategically solving our client's challenges and adding value starting in the pre-construction stage.


To educate, elevate and innovate through collaboration, transparency and being proactive.



Pre-construction process

Initial scheduling approach

Initial budget accuracy

Aligning design and budgets

Transparency and added value

Project management approach



The Problem

The local commercial real estate market has been held back by inaccurate project budgets and schedules, especially for small and mid-sized tenants.


the SOLution

We have proven processes starting in pre-construction that drive accuracy in budgeting and scheduling, allowing our clients to set realistic expectations and to plan for success.


Why pravo?

We're dedicated to improving the lives of our clients, our subcontractors and our staff through the commercial construction and real estate market.