90 Day Plan

With our 3 year anniversary coming up fast, and Quarter 1 of 2019 finishing up, our Principals reflected on what they wanted to see as the next big push for our company. While we have a lot of great things going, our passion for elevating and innovating ourselves (and the industry) never ceases. From March to June of 2019 we have implemented a 90 Day Plan to get us to the next stage of growth.

Our goal is to further improve our reputation, client dynamic, internal drive, infrastructure, operations, accounting, personal growth, and teamwork. While it sounds like a tall order, the framework has already been built to get there. Now that we have a concrete plan and deadline, the team is fired up to move forward. We are now on the same page about where we are now, and where we can be by June. The fact is, many companies stop where we are right now and coast for a while or become complacent. This is not how we are wired. Pravo continuously strives to be the best General Contractor possible and the team is more than ready for the next level (or 5).

Now that we are all committed to the same goals, it’s time to come closer together as a team. Our strong relationships and teamwork will be the key factor to execute this plan fully. We have more fun team events planned, and a points system to reward employees for supporting each other.

I cannot wait to update y’all and where this takes us, stay tuned!